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It's the world of fictional automobile companies. Anything with 2 wheels, 4 strokers, V8 muscle or sheer diesel power go together here. This wiki covers a whole gamut of automobiles like cars, motorcycles, and even heavy duty transporters.

Creating fictional automobile companiesEdit

When creating a page, be sure to include:

  1. The name of the company
  2. The location of the company's headquarters
  3. The type of vehicles the company manufactures (passenger, commercial, etc.)
  4. The country of origin (United States, Japan, etc.)
  5. Stock symbol (either a three or four-letter code like those from the real stock markets)
  6. The year of which the company had begun operations. If the company had been bought by another or had been defunct, type the year of operation and closure and put (Defunct) or (Purchased) next to the year it was closed or purchased by another company.
  7. The person who founded the company who would namely be the President or CEO.

You are not to use names from real manufacturers or from certain references like TV shows, video games, movies, etc. The name of your fictional company must be unique, meaning you will need to use some creative thinking. Also, do not use inappropriate names for your car company. 

When making logos to put in the Infobox, please take some time to create a nice logo. Sloppy logos uploaded on this wiki will be overwritten and replaced by me if I find one on your page. 

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